Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

June 25, 2018 Fognigma Secure Messaging 0

For any mission, business, agency, department to succeed, people need to be able to quickly communicate thoughts, plans, ideas, and information. Phone calls, emails, texts – all can be of use. But more and more businesses are shifting their communication focus to chat messaging. Let’s explore this a little deeper to prove why secure messaging may very well be the business communication tool of the future.


Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

How Secure is it?

Chat messaging has been in use in most offices since AIM was the tool to beat. It’s normally used to call people to meetings, send silly gifs, and exchange quick ideas. The only problem is, most chat messaging servers aren’t that secure – or secure at all. And if it’s not secure, then anyone can intercept your messages. If gifs are snooped on, no big deal. But if intellectual property and other confidential company secrets are exfiltrated, then a whole host of problems could develop!

Chat Messaging Advantages

Chat messaging has many advantages to email as a written form of communication. First off is the speed of it – back-and-forth communication can be almost as fast as actually talking. The one advantage of char messaging to talking is everyone has extra chances to see what they are saying before they send it.

Another key aspect to secure chat messaging is trust. Messages to you come from inside the company, as do files. You know exactly where your messages and files are coming from because the sender is inside your organization. There’s no risk for outside phishing scams in a secure chat messenger. In fact, according to Cyber Defense Magazine, phishing mitigation has moved some business to avoid email entirely.


Phishing Attack

Shadow IT

Who needs access to what, should employees be able to pick and choose their own messaging softwares without IT oversight?

Also, groups can be set up very easily in chat messaging, segmenting employees. That sounds awful at first, but there are certain communications the engineering team, for example, must have of which others don’t need to be a part. Or think about the executive team who often needs to discuss very high-level and sensitive business decisions – that’s not something they’d do in front of everyone. Everyone can be set up to have access to the groups they need.

Let’s not forget the ease and speed in which a company-wide chat message can disseminate information. Sure, you can send a companywide email for things like inclement weather policies, when it’s okay if a message takes a little while to reach everyone. But do you really want to slow down letting everyone know that the pizza has just arrived for the party in the breakroom? Speaking from experience, our stomachs say it’s imperative that message is spread faster than email can handle (the speed of hunger or something like that).

Fognigma Can Help

Fognigma presents a very different approach to secure messaging. Rather than build a secure chat messenger like other companies, Fognigma creates a protected space in which the messenger can live. Indeed, chat messaging is just one of the components that can make up a Fognigma-created network (a network created by a randomly-leased set of parts from cloud servers all over the world functioning as one invisible network).

The messaging system we use is an open source platform called Mattermost. It was chosen because it is easy to use and contains all the features one would want (including the silly ones like gif sharing and emoticons), plus, if you’re one of many businesses who use Slack for messaging, the workflow and interface will make you feel right at home. It allows for private groups, public groups, and direct messaging. Outside of Fognigma, Mattermost is a great messenger program. Inside Fognigma, it blossoms into an encrypted and invisible (to the outside world) communication and collaboration platform of power.


Fognigma can help take your messaging to the next level. Contact us to see how.