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Enhanced Collection

Today’s Intelligence Community faces even more threats at every level – especially online. Criminal elements, state actors, and terror organizations have all become adept at identifying and countering intelligence organizations and operatives. Intelligence agencies need a safe and secure means to communicate and collaborate internally and with external agents (both trusted and untrusted). They also need ways of obfuscating their Internet traffic, communication locations, and connectivity of agents. Dexter Edward has solutions to aid the intelligence community in its mission.

Intelligence Community

Burn After Use Network

Our encrypted network solution is built from randomly leased virtual machines on up to 8 different cloud providers. These machines link together – protected at each connection with two layers of AES-256 encryption – to form one invisible and secure network. These networks conceal your online communications and collaboration and can be burned down with the click of a mouse.

Once burned down, all the components are wiped clean and returned to the cloud to be overwritten the next time they are in use. Network admins can build and burn networks when they are needed, customizing them to the nature of the organization or mission.

Global & Adaptable

Since our encrypted networks are built from cloud providers all over the world, the networks can be structured to reflect the global nature of an organization and/or its agents. If a file share is needed in Hong Kong, it can be built in Hong Kong. Or, it can be built in Akron, Ohio, but have an accessible entry point in Hong Kong.

Fast and easy to use, all of our tools enable an organization to custom build their network to their needs, with the freedom to scale up or down as required. Granular user permissions let the network admin control user access to network components, entry points, exit points, files, and any other part of the network.

Comms, User, & Location Obfuscation

Sometimes it behooves an organization to look like it is really somewhere else. Routing Internet traffic through one of our secure network solutions allows the traffic to appear to be emanating from the exit point off the network. For example, an agent can enter their invisible network in Atlanta, GA, and exit it in Paris, France. To any external observer, the agent will appear to be in Paris, France. This will also obscure the agent’s identity, time/date, IP address, DNS, and web traffic.

Another solution allows call chains to be routed through intermediary numbers such that the actual locations of each party are obfuscated – a great way to contact untrusted assets or agents in forward environments without raising suspicion. At any time, the numbers can be re-routed to innocuous or out-of-order phone numbers, providing additional misdirection.


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