Law Enforcement

Secure. Adaptable. Invisible. Anywhere.

Secure, Encrypted, Adaptable Comms

Dexter Edward can provide law enforcement organizations (LEO) with secure and configurable communications tools. These tools are able to be used on any desktop or mobile device and work with all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android) allowing global access and reach. LEOs will be able to build Mission Partner Networks – invisible and encrypted networks housing and obscuring a whole suite of collaboration components. Inside a Mission Partner Network, LEO users can safely work and communicate together without the threat of outside intrusion. LEOs will have the power to research organizations and individuals anonymously, develop personas and facilitate a cover-appropriate digital footprint, securely share information with other organizations and agencies, coordinate and exchange information with sources without fear of compromise, and more. All Dexter Edward software solutions are quick to deploy and adaptable to any situation or organizational need.

law enforcement

Secure Networks

Protect LEO networks, systems, and information inside an invisible and encrypted network.

traceless telephony

Comms & Location Obfuscation

Mission Partner Networks and traceless telephony allow for location and call chain obfuscation.

law solutions

Software Solutions

Dexter Edward has the perfect solutions for your Law Enforcement Agency.