Encrypted Communications

Secure. Adaptable. Invisible. Anywhere.

Your communications need to be protected

Secure communications are imperative to the success of an organization or operation.

Encrypted Telephony

Dexter Edward offers telephony solutions which ensure your calls are only between the parties involved in the actual conversation. Some of the best features include:
By going through an encrypted and secure network for its connection, telephony can be truly traceless. Third parties will not be able to tell where the call originates, where it ends, or what is said during it. Make sure your conversations stay your conversations.
Our telephony solutions are adaptable for any organization’s needs for any situation’s demands. The ability to change things at a moment’s notice is a mission critical capability and should be a high priority with any feature added.
Calls can be routed along call chains going through intermediary numbers that are disassociated from the actual end users. This protects both callers. Calls can also be rerouted at any time to other numbers to provide extra camouflage for call activity.
Traceless telephony works on any device capable of telephony, whether it’s mobile or desktop-based. Take your encrypted conversations into the field, where a traceless nature is even more important.

Video Conferencing

Sometimes, your communicating needs go beyond just a phone call, when, only face-to-face conversation will do. Get virtually face-to-face with video conferencing, but do it securely. Video conferencing features include:
Video conferences are encrypted at both ends for total protection of your communication. Two layers of AES-256 encryption wrap all parts of the video conference communication chain.
Video conferences can be joined by users anywhere in the world, safely and securely. Your mission resources are spread out all over the world, so your video conferencing reach needs to match.
Encrypted video conferencing is supported on devices running all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android). This allows each user to join in the conference in the easiest way possible.
Not only are video conferences encrypted and safe between trusted users, but untrusted users can be added without risking the security of the rest of the group. Everyone will only be connected for that conference –  a connection that will evaporate once the conference concludes.

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