Dexter Edward Showcases Its Unique Secure Networks and Comms Solutions at SOFIC 2019

Dexter Edward Showcases Its Unique Secure Networks and Comms Solutions at SOFIC 2019

May 14, 2019 Trade Show 0

One hundred years. The National Defense Industrial Association (NSIA) is celebrating its one hundredth birthday at SOFIC 2019, the premiere conference for the Special Operations Forces community. Dexter Edward is extra proud to be demonstrating its software solutions at NSIA’s centennial. Visit us at booth 1049 (just down the row from Lockheed Martin) to explore more of what makes our solutions so unique and valuable to Special Operations Forces and the organizations who support them.

Fognigma Provides Invisible and Encrypted Networks and Collaboration Tools

Dexter Edward will showcase its preeminent software solution—Fognigma. Fognigma is an enterprise software product that allows its users to create invisible, on-demand, encrypted networks housing a suite of secure communication components. Here are some Fognigma highlights (to wet your whistle until you can visit our booth):

Untraceable and Disposable: Fognigma Networks are perfect for missions that require partnering with other organizations or untrusted parties. The networks are untraceable and can be burned down with just a few mouse clicks to destroy all evidence they ever existed.

Globally Accessible on Any Device: Connect to your Fognigma Network with a variety of hardware and software options from anywhere in the world using any device (desktop or mobile) and any Internet connection.

Fully Encrypted: Fognigma protects its networks and components (and, by extension, everything therein) with FIPS 140-2 Validated, cascading AES-256 encryption.

Rapidly Deployable: Fognigma isn’t a “coming soon” product. It’s available right now and has been tested, fielded, and proven within the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities.

Dissociate Users: Using our Portal Proxy technology, create unique and disposable URLs through which users can access hidden services. Portal Proxies obscure network connections between users, their destinations, and your organization.

Patented Innovation: Fognigma and its components have been awarded 4 U.S. patents so far, and we have patents pending for over 10 other processes and technologies.

Secure Communication Suite: As previously stated, Fognigma isn’t just a network—it also protects a wide range of communication components. These components include:

  • Traceless Telephony: Make secure VoIP calls over any infrastructure, build misattributed call chains, create full virtual phone systems, and more.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Virtual desktops with security and usability features not available with any other product.
  • Protected File Share: Keep your files safe in folders with granular access controls and take them with you by combining a secure file share with our Virtual Desktop component.
  • Other Collaboration Tools: Video conferencing, chat messaging, and other collaboration tools are all inside and protected by your Fognigma Network.

Visit Dexter Edward at booth 1049, talk to our talented team, and learn how Fognigma can protect and secure your organization’s networks and communications. To chat with our team before you get to the show (or instead, if you aren’t able to attend), click here.