Fognigma Showcases Many New Features in Q1 2019

Fognigma Showcases Many New Features in Q1 2019

March 12, 2019 Press Release 0

Herndon, VA – With the release of new updates for Fognigma, Dexter Edward continues to lead the way in providing encrypted, invisible, cloud-based networking and communication solutions. In the most recent updates, we added new language keyboards and translations for our Virtual Desktops, optimized all the Virtual Machines (VMs) which build Fognigma networks and components, upgraded our already advanced Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and provided activity logs for API audits. Plus, we’ve included Two Factor Authentication using RSA Secure ID/Token/Apps, automated self-cleaning of orphaned VMs, FIPS 140-2 Validated cascading encryption in our Wicket modules, and a revolutionary feature called Spawner Storm.

Spawner Storm passes all commands to build the Virtual Machines which comprise a Fognigma network through a pool of proxy servers. This process adds even more anonymity, making it nigh impossible to a third party to associate the parts of your network with each other and/or your organization. In a test replicating the construction of 200 Virtual Machines, Spawner Storm used over 60 different proxies (with 60 different IP addresses) for the build.

“We are proud to bring even more abilities and security to our customers. With every new release, we make Fognigma networks not only more capable, but also more difficult for an adversary to discover and attack.  The addition of Spawner Storm gives Fognigma deployed networks—your networks—unparalleled security and resistance to reconnaissance,” said Cael Jacobs, Dexter Edward’s Chief Technology Officer.

These new features (along with a host of under-the-hood updates) showcase even more leading-edge advances Fognigma is making in the realm of communication and network security. Fognigma uses tomorrow’s technology to give organizations more security today.

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About Dexter Edward:

Dexter Edward LLC is the premier integrator of secure, encrypted, and traceless communications and collaboration systems. We provide commercially available products ready for immediate implementation. Our solutions allow organizations to create invisible network spaces for multilateral, inter-agency cooperation without the risk of intrusion by external forces; provide an encrypted means to obfuscate Internet traffic and misattribute the connectivity of users; and safeguard communications, intellectual property, users, and other organizational assets. These solutions are ready to assist agencies within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, and others achieve mission success.

We are committed to providing organizations the enterprise software solutions they need to protect their communications, users, and data. This is what drives our business. Dexter Edward’s founders, investors, and employees are all American citizens and have a combined experience of over 150 years in cybersecurity and network development.