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Five Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2020

From ransomware to insider threats, here are five security threats your organization should watch out for and ways to help prevent them. Five cyber security threats to look out for in 2020: Ransomware Phishing Data Leakage Hacking Insider Threat RANSOMWARE According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), ransomware is malicious software, or malware,…
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January 15, 2020 1

Dexter Edward LLC Receives Accreditation for ISO 9001:2015

PRI Registrar recognizes Dexter Edward LLC for its commitment to continual improvement in their management system Dexter Edward LLC announces that it has received accreditation for ISO 9001:2015. “Our customers are our priority and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet their needs in a timely and meaningful way. This certification further demonstrates Dexter…
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June 13, 2019 0

Dexter Edward Showcases Its Unique Secure Networks and Comms Solutions at SOFIC 2019

One hundred years. The National Defense Industrial Association (NSIA) is celebrating its one hundredth birthday at SOFIC 2019, the premiere conference for the Special Operations Forces community. Dexter Edward is extra proud to be demonstrating its software solutions at NSIA’s centennial. Visit us at booth 1049 (just down the row from Lockheed Martin) to explore…
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May 14, 2019 0

Fognigma Showcases Many New Features in Q1 2019

Herndon, VA – With the release of new updates for Fognigma, Dexter Edward continues to lead the way in providing encrypted, invisible, cloud-based networking and communication solutions. In the most recent updates, we added new language keyboards and translations for our Virtual Desktops, optimized all the Virtual Machines (VMs) which build Fognigma networks and components,…
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March 12, 2019 0

Cybersecurity: A Casualty of the Government Shutdown

Cybersecurity Should Never Stop To protect always-on networks and systems, cybersecurity must be a 24/7 operation. Any lapse in that protection can lead to disastrous consequences as defenses falter and gaps in the armor show themselves to would-be intruders. But what happens when the resources just aren’t there? What happens when a government shutdown impacts…
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January 30, 2019 0

Dexter Edward and Network Runners Partner to Showcase Fognigma® at the Charleston Defense Contractors Association Defense Summit

Herndon, VA – Dexter Edward is proud to partner with technical solutions consulting firm Network Runners, Inc. Both companies will be demonstrating the secure communications capabilities of Fognigma enterprise software at the Charleston Defense Contractors Association Defense Summit. Fognigma’s patented solutions empower organizations to protect their communications, data, users, traffic, and reputation with leading-edge technology.…
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November 26, 2018 0

Fognigma Adds wolfSSL as an Encryption Library

Fognigma’s patented and invisible cloud-based networks now feature two distinct encryption libraries Herndon, VA – Dexter Edward is proud to announce that it has licensed and integrated wolfSSL as an encryption library for its patented Fognigma enterprise software solution. Fognigma gives organizations the power to create their own invisible and secure cloud-based networks, full of…
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November 7, 2018 0

Dexter Edward and ChenegaTI Partner to Showcase Fognigma at the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

Herndon, VA – Dexter Edward is proud to partner with IT solutions integrator ChenegaTI to feature the secure communications capabilities of Fognigma® enterprise software at the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition. Fognigma’s patented solutions empower organizations to protect their communications, data, users, traffic, and reputation with leading-edge technology. Fognigma hides a full suite of communication…
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October 3, 2018 0
Fognigma Law Enforcement Solutions

Fognigma® and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and the Cloud The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) knows the cloud is becoming more and more important to Law Enforcement (LE). In their Cloud Computing Principles, the IACP explored some very important issues when dealing with the cloud: digital evidence security, portability, data ownership, interoperability, data mining prevention, and cost.…
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October 2, 2018 0

Fognigma®: Patented Protection

Not All Software Can Be Patented Patent law is quite complex, which makes sense – not everything can (or should) be patentable – especially when considering computer software. A specific section of the patent code, Section 101 of Title 35, states: Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of…
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September 5, 2018 0