SOFIC 2019

Secure. Adaptable. Invisible. Anywhere.

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Join us as we showcase technologies tailored to the needs of the Special Operations Community

Fognigma’s patented software lets you build secure, invisible, adaptable networks anywhere. Inside a Fognigma Network, administrators can quickly deploy end-to-end encrypted, traceless collaboration tools – messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, phone, and more. Each Fognigma Network is completely private to and owned by your organization, invisible to third parties, and destroyable whenever the mission is complete (or as part of a routine burn/rebuild program for added security). Fognigma Networks deploy collaboration resources on either public or private clouds, ensuring the most economical integration to maximize flexibility, efficiency, and resiliency. With Fognigma’s powerful technology and easy-to-use interface, your organization can move from exposed to invisible in minutes.


Suggested Support Activities

Team Comms

Collaborate with your team on any device using encrypted and obfuscated telephony, voice and video conferencing, secure messaging, file transfer and storage, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Enhance the security of existing tools like the Android Tactical Assualt Kit (ATAK) by utilizing Fognigma Network Infrastructure.

Obfuscated Data Transport

Fognigma Networks are only active when you need them, and can exist across multiple commercial cloud providers, in multiple regions, and on multiple servers simultaneously. This makes them impossible to target amongst the 8 billion annual cloud users. Data that moves through a Fognigma Network is dual-encrypted with two distinct FIPS 140-2 Validated AES-256 ciphers, making the network immune to attack.

Managed Attribution / OPSEC

Minimize your online persona and organizational affiliation by dynamically shifting your electronic presence to fit the needs of your mission.

Low-Vis Comms

Securely communicate using local infrastructure with end-to-end encrypted components that dissociate users’ locations and activities through the variations created by a Fognigma Network.

Suggested Mission Areas

Remotely Advise and Assist Missions

Safely and securely communicate with host-nation forces over host-nation infrastructure without needing to equip partner forces and without sacrificing access to your unit networks.

Military Source Operations

Maintain secure contact with trusted and untrusted partners within a network that is active only when you need it. Dissociate from others using Reverb call chaining or Business Cards while still taking advantage of the familiarity of cellular communications.

Persistent Surveillance and Secure Sensor Exfiltration

Fognigma Wicket hardware devices serve as access points to a singular Fognigma Network, enabling FIPS 140-2 protected transiting of sensor data over untrusted infrastructure.

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Maintain situational awareness of targets, conduct research, and monitor atmospherics using tools that forensically originate from the host nation, limiting adversarial scrutiny and denial of service.

OSINT Operations

Use our sandboxed VDI solution to research your targets from within their own geographic area while gaining acess to regional groups without fear of technical compromise.

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